Aural Kadō

August 4th, 2007

Here’s the new sound project that I’ve been working on, which has been officially “in progress” since mid-May. The basic idea involves manipulation and layering of other people’s work to create a new, original soundscape. None of the music in this project has been created by me per se, like my last project, thirty one daps, which can be found in this blog under the same name. (So-called “original” music is awaiting the purchase of a new dual-core Macintosh with the concomitant Reason, which is unreasonably powerful music generation software. Still, that’s a good two grand for the computer and the program. But what resources shall be at my fingertips!)

I decided to call the project “aural kadō” – aural as in listening or pertaining to sound, and kadō an old Japanese word for the art of flower arranging – because that’s basically what this is. A florist doesn’t actually make the flowers, she just organizes them in a pleasing manner. Also just for the sound of the word kadō. There’s another word for Japanese flower arranging, which is ikebana, which is okay, sure, but it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Kadō, on the other hand, besides being pleasing in its own right, also rhymes with Play-Doh™, which has all kinds of creative – imaginative – transfigurative connotations. So yeah.

Here’s the name of the project, which is linked to a place where you can listen to it, dear Intertubes, and the pseudonym under which I’ve created it:

scion eidolon – aural kadō

Here are the names of the tracks (presumably one can just right-click and Save As by first clicking on the above link and downloading the songs, piece by piece, or a la carte, as the French would say [more on France later]):

1. endless experience

2. things fall apart

3. world of beds

4. natural violence

5. the sad constant life

6. universal secret flame

7. dream station I

Here’s the length of the project:

68:13, give or take a couple seconds

Don’t Read Past This Line Until You Listen To The Actual Project In Its Entirety, Dig It

Here are the songs I used and where they appear in the project (name of track – artist):

endless experience

The Triumph of Man – The 1964 World’s Fair (0:00-0:45; 6:02-6:07), Jardin De Cecile – Juno Reactor (0:45-2:22; 4:37-5:17), Symphony No. 40 in G Minor – Mozart (0:45-1:55; 2:21-2:31; 3:01-3:39), The Infinity of Stone – Nile (1:34-3:30), Kalpol Intro – Autechre (1:53-5:12), The Sound of Fun Surrounds You – Advertisement for Six Flags, Texas (5:12-5:17), Connoisseur Of Hallucinations – Shpongle (5:06-8:11) ‘If You Ever Been Down’ Blues – Thomas (6:38-7:13), The Wind Cries Mary – Jimi Hendrix (7:41-8:17).

things fall apart

Nocturne in F Sharp, Op. 15 – Chopin (0.00-1.47; 3.56-4.05), Iera – Autechre (0.12-1.36), Since I’ve Been Loving You – Led Zeppelin (0.53-0.57; 1.56-2.13; 4.00-6.16), I Will (No Man’s Land) – Radiohead (0.56-2.55), Limelight – Apparat (1.51-4.01), Last Tribute From The 20th Century – Laurent Garnier (3.27-6.06), Flamenco Sketches (Second Take) – Miles Davis (3.14-3.28), Gwely Mernans – Aphex Twin (4.06-7.21), Pagan Poetry – Björk (6.23-7:21).

world of beds

Unison – Björk (0.00-0.15), It’s Crowded – Prefuse 73 (0.01-2.09; 2.44-5.21), At Least It Was – Emiliana Torrini (0.29-2.18; 2.39-2.42), A Dream Upon Waking – Yann Tiersen (2.08-2.44), Generous Palmstroke – Björk (2.44-7.49), Satellite Anthem Icarus – Boards of Canada (4.53-9.42), Orban Eq Trx4 – Aphex Twin (7.48-8.53), Indiscipline – King Crimson (8.44-9.03).

natural violence

Room 23 – Shpongle (0.00-0.54; 5.04-5.07; 7.34-11.47), A Song From the Soundtrack for the Movie “Kill Bill” – Unknown (0.26-3.14), Disposition – Tool (1.09-5.04), Magic Mountain – Lightning Bolt (3.29-5.04), Organ For God – Eight Frozen Modules (5.07-10.05), Soldier’s Poem – Muse (5.53-7.50), May This Be Love – Jimi Hendrix (10.01-11.42).

the sad constant life

Ocean Remix – Aaron Spectre (0.00-3.48), Open The Light – Boards of Canada (0.09-3.48; 5.31-6.19; 8.51-9.04), Edge of Time – The Growing Concern (1.27-2.12; 3.17-4.07; 10.00-10.16), The Other Side – The Dismemberment Plan (4.08-5.31; 7.10-8.04; 9.04-10.07), Sabbra Cadabra – Metallica (5.00-5.31; 5.52-6.39), ’64 Aka Go – Lemon Jelly (5.33-5.53), The Main Monkey Business – Rush (6.39-7.10), Like Porcelain – Apparat (7.57-9.04), Weekend Sex Change – Dillinger Escape Plan (8.03-8.46), Flamenco Sketches (Second Take) – Miles Davis (9.25-10.21).

universal secret flame

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Tan Dun & Yo-Yo Ma (0.01-0.52), Jambi – Tool (0.18-1.59; 2.54-4.10), Senki Dala – Venetian Snares (0.38-2.42), Violent Playground – Broadcast (1.44-2.27), Sullen Girl – Fiona Apple (2.28-4.10; 5.55-6.02; 7.14-8.03), Ants – edIT (3.39-7.32), The Eternal Vow – Tan Dun & Yo-Yo Ma (4.04-8.09).

dream station I

Everything You Do Is A Balloon – Boards of Canada (0.00-4.50; 10.25-12.05), Pneumonia – Björk (0.00-0.46; 4.52-5.35; 11.43-12.30), Atomontage – Gridlock (0.15-3.05), Radian – Air (3.35-4.48; 10.44-12.05), Chukhung – Biosphere (1.03-5.17), Exhalation – Shpongle (2.21-4.17), Shark – Juno Reactor (4.42-9.14), Revolution 9 – The Beatles (5.01-6.21), Invocation – Shpongle (6.10-8.47), Song23 – Gridlock (8.44-11.41), The Triumph of Man – The 1964 World’s Fair (9.09-9.14).

Well, that was exhausting and a little tedious, typing that out. Blech. Anyway, it looks like I used, uh, exactly 60 songs. Hope you like it, dear internet! On to the next project: the forever busy life of an artist continuing to stretch long and luxuriously to the vanishing point. Perspective!